Abstracting the Moor (2)

Collage, colour and coffee grounds. I’ve been playing around for ages to find way that work for me to represent the rocks and bogs of the Moor.

In the end I settle on making bogs using coffee grounds, glue and acrylic in a massive impasto mix. They are then over-painted for colour and further texture, to bring out the plant life of the bogs.

Some of the images are simpler, more like colour washes of diluted paint, to evoke mists and icy ponds, scratched into with the brush handle or a knife.

I’m also fond of the layering you see in a lot of Devon rock – mostly on the coast more than the Moor. Several of my paintings use this multi-layer collage effect to recall the layer upon layer of time evident around here. My much favoured material, hessian sack, material also makes an appearance here.

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