Abstract landscapes Spring 2022

The early months of 2022 saw me continue to play with ways of abstracting landscapes. Some of this was done by developing old sketches done in the areas of Newlyn / Penzance / Pendeen / Botallack, and some was a winter visit to St Ives and Cape Cornwall.

I found myself exploring layering extensively in some of these images, as well as simplifying. The simple colours of the moorland sketches were particularly satisfying to make. As were the intensely coloured multi-layered abstracts and torn / collaged works.

I notice that in my “first drafts” I often take a photo at a stage where I feel the work is not quite finished, and then I tend to over-complicate the image. I have several “spoiled” images where I’ve put too much in. There’s a fine tipping point beyond the “not quite done” and the “over-done”, where I have not yet quite found my judgement.

I notice how I continue to be highly influenced by some modern artists I like – Brian Rice, John Piper, B.H.Broody, Alexander Calder, as well as by masters of shape and collage including Ben Nicholson, Braques, Matisse and the Collioure and London paintings of Derain. The orange based highly simplified landscape is explicitly an improvisation leaning on Broody, and my geometric sketches are strongly influenced by Calder and Piper.

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