GameShift is a form of art project.

It’s a business, an award-winning consultancy, created in a deliberately unorthodox form to bring about a new kind of stimulation and provoke different questions and outcomes.

It is a collaboration of organisational folks with professional qualifications in all the usual organisational fields, along with psychotherapists and mindfulness experts, artists, musicians, actors, writers, story tellers and more.

It’s a trojan mouse.

It looks orthodox, and it speaks business language and is made up of people with amazing credentials and experience in organisational life, but its very essence is radical seeing and transgressive thinking in service of human and wider-than-human flourishing.

We are thinking partners.

We help people to see the world differently, imagine and develop new possibilities and get them effectively into action. We help people become more able to see complex systems and work creatively in them. Having access to richer ways of seeing and knowing the world – what we call artful knowing (or extended epistemology in fancy academic language) is essential to doing this work.

We use artful knowing widely in what we do, and the images here give you a taste of the work in action.

You can find more about us here.

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