Playing with Colour

I live in a world of bright colours. I’m colour blind, but not in the sense of red-green, and certainly not in the sense of being in a monochrome world. Far from it. I seem to see primary colours, and I love them, the starker the better. I also have a love of contrasts. My black and white vision is correspondingly sharper, where my colour vision fails. I love light and shade.

Much of my art exhibits this. Massive splashes of colour, often apparently slugging it out on the page. I love impasto work, a get particular satisfaction from dragging one colour through another, one layer through another, using a knife or trowel. Occasionally I find myself paying homage to the aboriginal art I loved when I live in Australia – the density of colour and the intricate patterns of dots and lines. I’ve found that cropping up in my painting many times.

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