Sally Wax

Sally is swimming

deep and slow.

Out, beneath the daily flow.

She dived so fast:

Did you see her go?

Her towel still spread out on the sand.

A tiny daughter’s outstretched hand,
fingers feeling out to reach
Sally’s shadow on the beach.

And they say that
no one will,

Return from a dive
So deep and still

Far away

Beyond the foam,

Sally Wax

is swimming home.

Sally Wax (1962-2006)

A brief explanation of the Sally Wax poem… well, this poem is about something inexplicable so all I can offer is background.

Sally was a young mum of a small daughter. She was one of those people who everyone seemed to love. She was a beautician (make up and waxing, thus the nickname), so for many, many women who she worked with Sally was part of some of the major events of their lives. One day last year Sally was working with a client when she just passed out and slipped into a coma from which she never regained consciousness. The poem is about that: the loss, the sudden inexplicability of it, and the sense of the deep, still dive without return.