Dark Chocolate

Guiglo, Cote d’Ivoire


dead eyed brothers   don’t speak

i came when I was 11
i write my age in the dirt     don’t let
the grand patron see        I’m 13

that’s the sound of a machete swinging
that’s machete hitting bush      hitting rock

i’m hungry   i want a bed    my back hurts
i want to go to school   they said i
would go to school   

the water is yellow                if we get sick
we share the wages to pay a pharmacy

i sent $34 home         i am proud
i’d like to see my family   it has been a
long time

i have a metal bowl   i sometimes fry
bananas                     i have a spiderman hat





Hotel Louis sur Cour, Bruxelles


rose petals on my pillow,
and a chocolate shaped like a shell



I love the ones with a dark middle







There are twelve chocolates in my box


eight involve child




No one puts the children on the

chocolate box