Chris Nichols

living catalogue

This is my creative archive, or perhaps a living catalogue of work.

I’ve written and made art for years, some published, some not. I wanted to offer a space where the work can be viewed together. For pleasure, or as a resource for others to use and build on.

The site includes visual art (mainly painting and some found object work), poems and short stories. There’s also a selection of other writing that consists of fragments or finished pieces without an obvious home. 

Many of the pieces are works in progress. Where it’s relevant I have included notes on what the project is, the process of making, and what I plan to do with it. 

Visual Art

Art projects, experiments, and outputs from my time at Newlyn. 


Ancient and modern: selected back catalogue, plus more recent experiments at The Poetry School. 

Short Fiction

Published and unpublished shorts and micro fiction.

Artful and Me

A bit about me, artful work and why it matters.


Exploring the links between my creative practice and the GameShift collaborative community.

Deepening Practice

Notes on my learning, development and my fresh edges. Page under construction, more to follow.

Say hello

I am always up for conversations about creative work. You can contact me using the below methods.